WANT TO BE A POP CULTURE BLOGGER?? We’re looking for new blood!

The podcast is currently on hiatus while we make some changes to staff.
However, the blog is active, and we’re looking for a some new blood!


From Helios to Hollywood is a R-rated blog and podcast intended for mature audiences. That being said, NO PORN ALLOWED. R is not the same as X. Foul language is fine, just try not to use the c-word like a comma. That one tends to piss a lot of people off.

No hate, no exceptions. This is about our love for pop culture, not an attempt at inciting an online war over real life issues. All contributors will be given access to post their content without running it by me (unless you want me to). Due to this, I’m trusting you all to use your judgement regarding what content is a right fit. Steer clear of content that doesn’t belong. Basically, stick with the bartender’s golden rule: no religion, politics, or sports. Just avoid the hot-button issues and we’ll be golden grahams. Also, please note that ‘no hate’ is not the same as honestly making a case for why you don’t like something. I’m not saying only post about it if you love it. You’ll see posts from me about things I just cannot wrap my mind around even though the rest of the world swoons over it (::::coughcoughfiftyshadesofgreycoughcough::::). Just dont use the blog to shit on people simply because they do like it.

No plagiarism, no exceptions. Now, this is not the same thing as sharing someone else’s post or reblogging another WordPress post, but if you do either, they need to be UNCHANGED (adding an intro is fine but you cant change the body of the piece) and credited to/linked to the source. However, passing off someone else’s work or stealing pieces of it to create yours without credit is bad and it creates bad juju, so don’t do it.

SPOILERS ARE OKAY, but make sure the ***beginning*** of your post includes our spoiler caution banner (it’s already in the WP media library for FH2H – just click add media and search ‘spoiler’).

If you are a creator of some kind and want to promote your products (books, movies, videos, music, artwork, etc.), we dont have anything against that, but you must acquire approval from the owner or content manager prior to posting.




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