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Book Nerds! Check out this excerpt, interview, & giveaway from AFTER THE STARS APPEARED by H.L. Cherryholmes!

What if you knew the world surrounding you wasn’t the world you started out in?

Consumed by that question and feeling as though she’s lost part of herself, Uyazani despises this unfamiliar world. Glittering stars in the night sky are as abnormal to her as the pressing need to conceal her true origins. Once a low-ranking soldier and now a special deputy for the Queen, she traverses the landscape in search of others who share her memory of a world past. 

When she locates one who seems to have discovered a possible way back, she grows fiercely determined to use his information to return to their world. But his mind is not what it once was, nor is Uyazani the only one who wants him to unlock the secret. She finds herself in a deadly tug of war with others who have darker intentions. 

With time running out, she must either quickly unite his fractured memories to uncover the way home, or accept that the world she longs for will be forever out of reach.


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Shameless-ly Addicted

IMG_1143.JPGOkay, I’m a Netflix junkie. Fully admit it. No shame. I have proceeded to binge watch every single show that caught my attention, and then started in on ones I’d NEVER have looked twice at. That’s how I found Sons of Anarchy (fav show EVER … hellooooo, Jax). I started Shameless MONTHS ago. Didn’t last half the first episode. Nope, not for me. Fast forward to needing my next “fix”, I gave Shameless another shot.

I don’t know WHAT was wrong with me the first time, but heyyyy! A week later, and I’m already on season 4.