S02E01 – The One With Cassia Brightmore

Good evening, party people!  The From Helios to Hollywood podcast is officially back from hiatus with an episode I’ve had banked for better than 6 months.  lol  Author/model/editor Cassia Brightmore joins the podcast to talk about her two dark romance series, how she got into modeling, and a refreshing take on editing from the other side of the fence.  We had an awesome chat, shorter than our usual podcast, but awesome nonetheless.  🙂  Enjoy!
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S01E01 – The Maiden Voyage!!!

Jena, Dubo, and Mel sit down to celebrate Pure Textuality PR going full time and the launch of From Helios to Hollywood!
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S01E02 – The One With a Theme Song

Good evening, everyone!  We’re a couple days late getting it up on the blog thanks to some editing difficulties.  Growing pains are to be expected as we’re just getting started out.  However, we’re happy to give you From Helios to Hollywood Episode 2 WITH A THEME SONG!  It’s just a temporary until we have one custom made, but we like it.  🙂 Enjoy!
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S01E03 – The One With Victoria Ashley & Hilary Storm

Good evening, everyone!  We have a special double feature tonight.  Two episodes in one day!  Our first episode is with special guest authors VICTORIA ASHLEY and HILARY STORM, here to talk about their new co-written release PAY FOR PLAY (info about the book is down at the bottom of this post.
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S01E04 – The One With Emily Cyr

HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  This morning we have a bonus episode for your listening pleasure.  This was originally scheduled to go up a week ago, but thanks to all sorts of technical difficulties, it was hung up, but it’s totally worth the wait!  This is definitely one of my favorite podcast convos so far.  As of right now, it’s only up on YouTube (still having an upload problem on SoundCloud and iTunes), but I will update this post once it’s available elsewhere.  Enjoy!!!
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