True Memoirs of an International Assassin

I stumbled upon this on Netflix and told my Old Man that from the actor (Kevin James) and the title it was what I call a “Drill Movie.” A bit of history here… The Old Man’s National Guard unit tends to watch what *I* think are the stupidest movies ever filmed. i.e. Paul Blart, Mall Cop.  and Witless Protection during drill weekends.

The Old Man jumped on the idea and despite being nearly bedtime, told me to start it… I was oddly drawn in.. and the movie ended up being surprisingly funny. It follows the adventures of an author, Sam Larson, who’s fictional novel is published as true and what happens to him afterwards as the criminal element all over the world assumes his novel is true and he is who he’s purported to be. I ended up laughing far more than I thought I would.. I recommend it.