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Being the Alpha King, it was expected that King Joshua would find his mate and claim her. His parents thought that it would be a great idea to gather all of the eligible single women together at the castle. They wanted to host a special event so that he could meet his mate. King Joshua felt that agreeing to the event would satisfy his parents, so he grudgingly agreed. He thought that there was no way he would find his mate be at the event tonight.

Kamela couldn’t believe it, she was invited to the castle for a special gathering. All she had ever wanted in life was to see the inside of the castle and to catch a glimpse of the handsome King Joshua. Especially since she had never seen him in real life, and she didn’t know what he looked like.

Find out how one night changes the lives of King Joshua and Kamela as they try to find their heart’s desire. My Heart, My Kingdom’s Queen will touch your heart and encourage you to cheer the lovers towards each other.

Stand-alone book that starts the My Heart Series. Key focus is love, romance, and clearing up a misunderstanding between a wolf shapeshifter (shifter) and a curvy woman.



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