The Blacklist Nerds! Check out this giveaway for a Red Reddington Funko Pop figure!

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of The Blacklist. So, of course, when they released Funko Pops for Red and Liz, I scooped them up right away and grabbed an extra Red figure while I was at it. While we all (im)patiently await the January 2019 premier of The Blacklist Season 6, I decided a giveaway would be a great way to dull the pain.

GIVEAWAY TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Open internationally. One lucky winner will receive a Red Reddington Funko Pop figure (stock image above). This giveaway is sponsored and administered by Pure Textuality PR. NBC, The Blacklist, and Funko are in no way responsible for this giveaway. Giveaway ends 8/10/2018 @ 11:59pm EST. Limit one entry per person. Duplicates will be deleted.

TO ENTER:  Subscribe to our blog (scroll to the bottom of the From Helios to Hollwood website) and enter your information in the form below. All information collected will be treated as personal and confidential.

Good luck!


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Have I told you guys I am a FREAK for the show #TheBlacklist?? @NBCBlacklist

I had originally planned on just posting what I wrote on my author blog about the season 2 finale, but instead, I decided to make it a complete rewatch post.

I was one of those who caught wind of The Blacklist before it premiered, so I’ve been in since S01E01. I bullied people into watching the show. “YOU WILL LOVE IT, DAMMIT!” I’ve successfully converted, like, twenty people to being die hard fans, so I’m calling that shit a win.

Part of what triggered this rewatch was another addiction of mine – Funko Pop figures. I just became a member of Pop In A Box, a monthly Pop figure subscription run by Funko themselves. I was window shopping their new arrivals the other night when I stumbled across this handsome little devil currently on PREORDER:


Adorable, right?!?!


Oh, and that’s not all. Lizzy’s available too. 🙂


Although I think Lizzy is awesome, I really would have preferred Red, Dembe, and Mr. Kaplan, but that’s just my opinion…… I can just picture them on my shelf….. Red in the middle, Dembe standing stoically, hands folded in front of him, and Mr. Kaplan on the other side, her Mary Poppins-esque bag in one hand, and that giant fucking hand cannon of a gun she totes around in the other. *stares dreamily at the empty space on bookshelf* (Funko???? NBC???? Get on this, please????)

Oh, and yes, that was me admitting that a toy triggered a complete series rewatch. lol

And these Pop figures are not available until January 2017 so I wont be seeing them in my stocking this Christmas.  *pouty face*



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