#GameOfThrones Fantasy Fantasy League #GoT

This is amaaaaazing…….   O.O


Reblogged from Nerdist.com (click for original posting) by Malik Forté on APRIL 2, 2014

Fantasy sports leagues are probably the sole reasons you’ll ever catch a nerd like myself fiddling around in the ESPN realm. Like my comrade Dan Casey always says: it’s basically just D&D with athletes, with similar amounts of fun micromanagement and scenario-based strategy being applicable to both.

To celebrate the triumphant return of Game of Thrones this Sunday, the evil geniuses here at Nerdist have discovered a way to take everything we love about fantasy sports, and incorporate them into the wonderful world of Westeros. Without any further ado, it is with great pleasure that we present to you, the official Game Of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League.

Are you obsessed with Game of Thrones and looking for a reason to be even more obsessive? No need to look any further my dragon loving friends, your new Game of Thrones-related pastime has just arrived. Here’s a closer look at how to play:


Before you get started making your Fantasy Fantasy league, you’ll need to equip yourself with the following tools of trade:
Official Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League Rules
Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League Draft Sheet
Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League Scoresheet

Some of you are likely thinking, “But, I’ve read the book and I know exactly when [REDACTED] dies after [REDACTED] admits [REDACTED]!” Well, that’s true. You likely won’t be able to play with your non-reader friends, but why not become the League Game Maester and make sure none of your friends cheat and need to take the Black? Just sit back, relax, sip on some fine Dornish Red and let the good times roll.

And there you have it folks– everything you need to start your very own Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy league. Feel free to share your scores, experiences, any questions and any concerns you may have on this in the comments.

Now I just need to find 13 friends willing to play this with me!  lol