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In no particular order: Bestselling Author, Coffee Slut, Blogger, PA & PR Monkey, Avid Adventurer/Traveler, Die Hard Reader, Music Lover, Comedy Nerd, Movie/TV Junkie, Geek of Many Things

Between my book collection, my dvd collection, and my music library, I’m only a purchase or two away from starring in my very own episode of Hoarders.  Way too many fandoms to name them all, but here are a few: Supernatural, TVD, The Originals, The Blacklist, Scandal, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Firefly, Angel, Buffy, Dollhouse……pretty much anything Joss Whedon touches, really…..Sons of Anarchy, Veronica Mars, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, Batman, #Whovian, most things Marvel (love Ironman, RDJ is the SHIT!), Fringe, Designated Survivor (<– this is a new one!), and so on.  😀

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JENNIFER (Content Manager)

I am a writer, singer, podcaster, and general bon vivant. I like long walks on the beach, creepy things, dark tales, and margaritas. I go to as many concerts as humanly possible, and dance as often as I can, and get crafty when the opportunity arises.

I am working on a novel that will be finished this year, and always have short stories in the works, because who doesn’t love a short story?


I am in love with the whole View Askewniverse, to an obsessive degree. I also adore Sherlock, Shameless, Stephen King, Star Wars (keep ’em coming!), and Star Trek, and alliteration. I rewatch The Office and Grey’s Anatomy annually, as well as the vastly underrated Farscape. I tend to fangirl *hard* about things that peak my interest, and my interests are many and varied.

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From Helios to Hollywood spent better than two years as a wish list item for BookMojo owner Jena Gregoire.  The idea was originally a meme on our blog, but typing the words “the movie blows compared to the book” got old quickly and the meme was retired.

Months later, Jena got the idea to turn the meme into a podcast.  Without the time or resources to move forward with the production, the idea sat simmering on the back burner.

A few months ago, while sitting around with BookMojo staffers Dubo and Mel, we started tossing the podcast idea back and forth again.  Rather than limit ourselves to only talking about books-turned-film, we settled on just talking about whatever we wanted.  All of us are pop culture addicts and it made much more sense to open the subject matter up to whatever we wanted to chat about at the time.

In January 2016, Jena announced her move to full time with BookMojo.  The change in schedule gave her the opportunity to finally move forward with From Helios to Hollywood.

The first episode of From Helios to Hollywood was taped Friday February 5, 2016, on the evening of Jena’s last day of work, and the podcast is now available via YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

In November 2016, we decided to expand FH2H from being just a podcast to a full pop culture blog. The blog is still active but the podcast is on hiatus indefinitely.